Whisper Odor-Free Diaper Pail Review

I was provided the following item free of charge for the purpose of this review. My opinions are true and my own.

The Whisper® Diaper Pail features a patented odor-free aerosol spray that’s easy to apply with just a press of a button at the top of the lid, eliminating odors from even the stinkiest of diapers!  The lid is completely hands-free and easily opened with a foot pedal so you can keep one hand free while you hold your child.

Whisper Odor-Free Diaper Pail

The Whisper® Diaper Pail is a revolutionary new idea in dirty diaper disposal that delivers superior odor elimination with:

ODOR-FREE protection with its tight-fitting top lid, inner lid with a secure trap door and patented ODOGard® Spray Technology that locks away odors forever.
HANDS-FREE easy operation of a foot pedal that lifts the lid and a trap door that keeps dirty diapers out of sight.
WORRY-FREE ODOGard® spray technology is safe around people and pets, and a child-proof safety lock to keep curious kids out of the diaper pail.

The Science behind ODOGard® Spray Technology locks away odors forever:

TRAP – A fine mist of ODOGard® molecules slowly descend into the liner bag to TRAP odors.
ATTRACT – The ODOGard® molecules ATTRACT diaper odors and form an irreversible bond with the offending odor molecules.
LOCK – The irreversible bond of this new molecule LOCKS away odors from escaping.

Whisper Odor-Free Diaper Pail

What I thought: I love the diaper genie but dislike how smelly it can be. When I seen that the Whisper Diaper Pail had an odor free spray that eliminated the smell I knew I had to try it!

First I will tell you what I liked about the Whisper Diaper Pail. You can use normal trash bags instead of having to purchase specific bags for it like with the diaper genie. Which saves money and they hold more diapers! I also loved the foot pedal. It is very convenient when your hands are full.

Now on to what I didn’t like about the Whisper Diaper Pail. It didn’t get rid of the odor like I thought it would. Even after spraying the odor spray you could still smell the stink of the diapers. I also didn’t like that it wasn’t very child proof. My nephew would constantly just walk up and press the button. It does have a lock which is supposed to prevent that from happening. But, even with it locked you could still spray it. That could have just been a defect with this specific diaper pail though.

I would recommend the Whisper Odor-Free Diaper Pail to a friend. Although it had some cons I think the pros overweigh them! You can purchase the Whisper Diaper Pail on Amazon for $64.99. Already have a Whisper Diaper Pail? You can buy Whisper Spray Refills on Amazon for $14.99.